Swarovski Slake Dark Bracelet

Slake Dark Bracelet Swarovski


Italian Cut Men's Titanium 10MM Curb Link Bracelet

"A link bracelet is very popular because it has simple and interesting design. Guaranteed to fit everybody's interests all the time. This link bracelet is made from titanuim with high polish finishing


Titanium 7mm Grooved Wedding Band Ring

"This flat Titanium band ring is has two grooves next to the matte finished center part. The rest of the ring is finished in hight polish. It is truly simple and elegant."


Tungsten Engravable Dog Tag Pendant w/ Bead Chain

"The tungsten dog tag comes with a free stainless steel bead necklace."


Titanium 7mm Concave Edge Wedding Band Ring

"The center part has a matte finish and the concavely embrossed sides have high polished finish. Notice the contrast between the matte finished center part and the shiny edges."


Swarovski Nirvana Crystal DTL Bracelet, L

Nirvana Crystal DTL Bracelet, L Swarovski


Stainless Steel Cross Pendant

"As a symbol which has been used for some hundreds of years, the cross shape still seems stylish even in this 21st century. The stainless steel material also gives a shiny appearance of this pendant.


Titanium 7mm Brushed Men's Wedding Band Ring

"For a wedding ring, you would want a ring that is made with a long-lasting material. Therefore this titanium wedding ring might be a good option for you. It has a unique, and yet simple design, which


Black Tungsten 6mm Comfort-Fit Beveled Wedding Band Ring

"First introduced by Titanium Kay, this black tungsten carbide ring is for those who need ultimate uniqueness. We are the pioneer in manufacturing black tungsten jewelry in the entire jewelry industry


Titanium 6mm Dome Wedding Band Ring

"Show everyone the importance of a marriage with this titanium wedding ring. The design of the ring is pretty simple but the grey color that this ring uses is unlike most of other wedding rings that y